Province of : Luxembourg
City : Muno
Postal code : 6820
place : Southern corner of the church.
Year of the sundial : 1665
Restoration : 2015
Type : Vertical, South
Remark :
The church of Muno burned in 2005. The second picture was taken before the fire, the third one just after. The style (which was not the original one) was lost between the two pictures.
The Church Manufacture had decided to restore its church and, of course, the sundial also. The work was performed by the Liégeois enterprise. Gnomonica was envolved to write a file about how to restore the sundial, among other how to remake the style as it must have been originally.
The work was done from February to June 2015.
A Plate, also composed by Gnomonica, will soon be set in place to explain the sundial.

3 pictures for this sundial:

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