Province of : Antwerp
City : Antwerpen
Address : Wapper 9-11
Postal code : 2000
place : Museum of the House of Rubens
Year of the sundial : 1601
Author of the sundial : J De Succa
Type : Horizontal
Remark :
Description from 'La mesure du temps dans les collections belges'.
Square brass plate (30x30,5 cm) inserted in a wooden cadre, lovely decorated with flowers, on the four corners the arms of Autriche, Spain, Belgium and Burgundy with the wording 'Austriacis- Hispanicis- Belgicis- Burgundicis'.
On the top middle the writing 'Alberto et Isabellae' and on the bottom middle 'Patribus Patriae'.
A turntable making the dial is screwed by four screws.
Horizontal sundial marked from IIII to XII and from I to VIII - and a zodiacal sundial with the writing : 'Linea Acquinocialis' - 'Tropicus capricorni' - 'Tropicus cancri' - 'Oriens-Occidens' - 'Quantitas Dieru' et 'Horae hebreorum' et la dédicace 'Hoc sui ingeni artisque daedalae monumentum memori graetoque animo consecrabat' 'Ja de Succa Ao 1601'.
A moving index with 'Index' and 'Altitudinum et amplitudinum solis'.
On the top of everything, two gnomons linked together.
J. De Succa was very likely Jacques de Succa, one of the children of the Antwerpen inhabitant from italian origine Guillielmus (Guillaume) de Succa and from Catherine de Mierop, an elder brother from the Antwerps painter Anthonio de Succa, at the time of Rubens.
He worked at the service of archduke Albert and Isabelle.

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