Province of : Limburg
City : Genk
Address : Molenstraat
Postal code : 3600
place : Zonnewijzerpark in the Molenvijverpark
Year of the sundial : 1999
Project leader : Werner Krotz, Daniel, Felix and Hans Scharstein (Duitsland)
Author of the sundial : Hans Scharstein
Photo : Annemie America (city of Hasselt) (2000)
Type : Digital
Remark :
There is - as opposed to what the type might let think - no electronics or piece in movement inside this sundial. Only a subtle combination of parallel plates which crevices let the light go through in the form of numbers. Those numbers have the same form as those of a digital clock.
This was the very first sundial of that kind, a world premiere for Genk. Such a sundial has been installed lateron in the Deutsches Museum of Munchen and in the city museum of Muchen.

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