Province of : Limburg
City : Genk
Address : Molenstraat
Postal code : 3600
place : Zonnewijzerpark in the Molenvijverpark
Year of the sundial : 1999
Project leader : Javier Moreno Bores (Spain)
Author of the sundial : Nieuwe Scheldewerven nv en Julien Lyssens
Photo : Annemie America (city of Hasselt) (2000)
Type : Cone sundial
Remark :
This is a new kind of sundial, a world premiere for Genk.
It gives two different measures of time : on the right, the time left until sunset (it is 24h when the sun sets), on the left the time spent since sunrise.
This is possible thanks to the fact the cone is showing two shadows: ont on the right and one on the left.
Of course its orientation is subtil with a 51° half-angle (the local latitude) on the top. It is looking toward the North. The hour lines are those of a traditional horizontal sundial with to be honest other values of time.

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