Province of : Limburg
City : Genk
Address : Molenstraat
Postal code : 3600
place : Zonnewijzerpark in the Molenvijverpark
Year of the sundial : 1999
Project leader : Willy Ory according to a concept from Ignace Naudts
Author of the sundial : Anja Römer
Photo : Annemie America (city of Hasselt) (2000)
Type : Multiple
Remark :
This block of stone has seven sides, each pointing to a different direction. On each face one can see a sundial that indicates the time on various ways such as the solar time (the true local time), the summer time, winter time. In order to obtain these latest, one must correct the reading according to the value of the equation of time. This is the curve displayed on the north face.
The equation of time is a correction factor that may vary from about -15 minutes to about +15 minutes according to the date.
The time lines on the side east and west as well as on the side parallel to the style are parallel to one onother. The styles have a notch thanks to which the shadow is able to indicate the day as well.
It is worth noting the way the styles are inclined: they all have a angle of 51° relative to an horizontal line, which corresponds to the local latitude.
On the opposite to what many people are expecting, there is also a sundial on the north face. It sees the Sun during summers early in the morning and late in the evening.

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