Province of : Limburg
City : Hasselt
Address : Syntra Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 40
Postal code : 3500
place : Facade
Year of the sundial : 1991
Project leader : Harry Jongen
Author of the sundial : Harry Jongen
Photo : Annemie America (city of Hasselt) (2000)
Type : Vertical, South
Motto : Mergelatelier Trichterheide 1991
Remark :
In the Syntra training center, there was in the past a stone cutting workshop directed by Harry Jongen. This sundial was designed for a new part of the building. Time lines are represented by a gradual relief. See also the sundials from Herry Jongen in Maasmechelen and in Riemst.
The time lines ans the style placement are those of a South sundial. It is however derived from 19° to the West and since this cannot read a correct time.
This mistake is very common with sundials purchased in a garden market. Most of them are not facing the South.

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