Province of : Limburg
City : Maaseik
Address : Garden of the Kruisheren cloister Pelserstraat
Postal code : 3680
Year of the sundial : 1953
Restoration : 2003
Project leader : Antoon van Dooren, kruisheer-leraar aardrijkskunde
Photo : Willy Leenders (2003)
Type : Bowl
Remark :
Restored in 2003 by Julien Lyssens
This sundial looks like a world globe. The meridian lines are used as time lines.
An 4 feet accessory has a small tube. This has to be placed so that the sun light goes through the tube and enlights the globe. The meridian line that is enlighted indicates the time.
The light spot also indicates where the Sun shines at the zenith on Earth.
This picture was taken a couple of minutes after 16h (summer time in Maaseik) on May, 23 2003. The Sun was at the zenith in the Atlantic ocean north to the Carribean islands.

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