Province of : Limburg
City : Peer
Address : Church square
Postal code : 3990
Year of the sundial : 2000
Restoration : Willy Leenders
Project leader : Willy Leenders
Photo : Willy Leenders (2002)
Type : Analemmatic
Remark :
This sundial was made for the Patrimonial Days 2000 which was dedicated to 'the time'.
On the opposite to the usual horizontal or vertical sundials the style is absolutely not inclined (in Limburg 51°) related to the horizon.
There is no style. One stands on a kind of calendar on the date of the day. His(her) own shadow then indicates the time. The time spots are located on an elliptical curve.
The big axis is 6 meters long.
Some explanations are provided on a plate.

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