Province of : Limburg
City : As
Address : Sint-Aldegondiskerk
Postal code : 3665
place : South portal
Photo : Willy Leenders (2007)
Type : Vertical
Remark :
The style of a big sundial is on the middle of the gable. The time lines are invisible. It could be there has never been any line at all.
The writing beneath the dial is still puzzling. Perhaps it has nothing to deal with it.
The small sundial right of the entrance (within the red circle on the picture) shows some particularities. The style is perpendicular to the wall as it used to be with very old ones, those which indicated some given periods of the day (the prayers such as the vespers, ) for the abbey. The time lines are actually showing time but strange enough they are located in a half-circle, 15 hours instead of 13, on the southern wall.
There is a clock on the steeple with only one hand for they were imitating the sundials which didn't get any hand for the minutes.
The church is not in use anymore since 1932 and is nowadays a museum.

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