Province of : Limburg
City : Bilzen
Address : Groenendaal 2 Waltwilder
Postal code : 3740
place : Orangery of the Groendendaal castle
Photo : Louis Roppe (2007)
Type : Vertical, declining West
Remark :
Groenendaal (originally Croenendael) formed together with Hoelbeek and Jonkholt a big fief. Groendaal splitted up lateron. The castle was transformed in the 18th Century to its current classic style. The farm was in 1761 rebuilt as one still can see it.
The sundial is located on the western wall of the farm that was converted beginning of the 20th Century as a shed (other sources are talking about orangery).
The wall is approximately oriented WSW, hence le asymmetric pattern of the time lines.
It could be that the style, that had disappeared, be a recent restoration. It is perpendicular to the wall at its top. This should be corrected. The style must au least be placed at the crossing point of the time lines, be inclined, directed to the North and make a 51° angle with the horizon.

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