Province of : Limburg
City : Hasselt
Address : Guido Gezellestraat
Postal code : 3500
place : Garden of the city musem
Year of the sundial : 2000
Project leader : Willy Leenders
Author of the sundial : Service staff of the city of Hasselt
Type : Vertical, declining West
Motto : Schaduw van de tijd
Remark :
This sundial was shown three months long during the 'Schaduw van de tijd Zonnewijzers in Limburg'' exhibition from June, 17 to September, 10 2000 included in the Stedelijk Museum of the city Hasselt. The Journées du Patrimoine of Septembre, 10 that year had time' as theme.
More than just showing time this dial also provides the date. The shadow of a small bowl on the style hits the table where curved lines define the beginnings of the signs of the Zodiac. The place the shadow hits the table indicates since how long time the sun reside' in the zodiacal sign.
The panel the sundial is painted on is not facing South but rather SSE. This is the reason why the lines are not symmetrical and the sundial is showing more hours in the afternoon than in the morning. It is somewhat aesthetic. Computing such a dial is more complex than for a South facing one.
Willy Leenders, author of this sundial and maker of the exhibition, is posing with his wife, sons and grandsons in front of the sundial.

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