Province of : Limburg
City : Hasselt
Postal code : 3500
place : Herkenrode abbey
Year of the sundial : 2006
Project leader : Buro voor vrije ruimte (idea and computation Willy Lenders)
Author of the sundial : Slegers nv
Photo : Willy Leenders (2006) and Willy Herkenrode vzw (2007)
More details : see here
Remark :
One of the path in the herb garden of herkenrode is oriented just North-South. There is a band on this path and if someone walks on the band he/she follows the local meridian. Should he/she do it at noon than his/her shadow would hit the band. This band is thus a sundial valid at noon only.
The garden has been extended with a space for herb themes. In the extension of the meridian path one can find an analemmatic sundial. One stands on some kind of calendar on the current date and his/her own shadow shows the time.

4 pictures for this sundial:

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