Province of : Limburg
City : Hasselt
Address : Diestersteenweg
Postal code : 3500
place : Kermt kerk
Year of the sundial : End 17th century
Photo : Annemie America (city of Hasselt) (2000) Willy Leenders (1999) for the third photo
Type : Vertical, declining East
Remark :
In the upper brick wall of the tower, dated 1514 (and not 1412 as erroneously mentioned in a lot of writings) were made two round holes (oculi) surrounded with sandstone. The upper one was for a sundial the lower for a clock.
Installing a sundial near a clock was usual. The clock was not very precise at that time and had to be readjusted regularly according to the sundial.
The sundial has been somewhat incompetently restored. The time lines are faulty and the style has a 39 degrees angle with the horizon (the complement to what it should have been: 51 degrees).
In 2002 was the tower restored and one missed to restore the sundial as well.

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