Province of : Limburg
City : Hechtel-Eksel
Postal code : 3940
place : Eksel cimetery
Year of the sundial : 2007
Project leader : Jos Geusens
Author of the sundial : Jos Geusens
Photo : Jos Geusens (2007)
Type : Vertical, declining West
Remark :
Computing: Willy Ory
Text : Jef Veestraeten 1947 - 2006 + Liliane Paesen / Wij missen je!
You see it for the last time, a sundial on a gravestone. Jos Geusens has made a sober work.
The time lines are almost parallel to one another due to the fact the stone is rearly facing West (about 10° shift). All lines from 2 to 8 are shown. The sun is really seldom shining on the dial in the morning.

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