Province of : Limburg
City : Hechtel-Eksel
Postal code : 3940
Year of the sundial : 1936
Project leader : Pater Rudolf Dreesen
Author of the sundial : Pater Rudolf Dreesen
Photo : Julien Meus (2007)
Type : Equatorial
Motto : Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat / Umbra mea, vita tua / Lentae, tristi, gaudenti, celeres / Tempus fugit, ultima latet / Serius est quam putas / Vides horam, nescis tuam / Transit hora, transit pena, non sic merces ipsa laboris / Veux tu savoir à qoi que je sers, je marque le temps que tu perds / De tijd vliegt snel gebruikt hem wel
Remark :
This sundial comes from an instrument collection that the teaching father Rudolf Dreesen (1889-1971) made from garbage materials. He was teacher at various places, among which Hechtel. The collection now belongs to the Heemkundige Kring of Hechtel-Eksel which conducted a study about these instruments.
One can see not less than nine mottoes as well as an equation of time curve (tied with drawing pins!). The equation of time is a correction factor that helps converting from solar time - provided by the sundial - to clock time.

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