Province of : Limburg
City : Sint-Truiden
Address : Abdijplein
Postal code : 3800
place : On the pavement of the place
Year of the sundial : 2006
Photo : Willy Leenders (2006)
Type : Meridian line
Remark :
Computing: Willy Leenders
The blue pillar in top of which one can see the image of Saint-Trudo, a work of Hugo Duchateau, is (by chance) located exactly on the south of the tower of the Benedictine abbey.
The brass strip between the pillar and the tower indicates the local meridian. At noon the pillar shadow hits the strip. Saint-Trudo is at that moment linked to his abbey thanks to his shadow.
The Notre-Dame church tower, south of the pillar is (also by chance) on the same meridian.
A commemorative plaque divides the strip into two parts according to the golden number. It is written on the plaque about Count de Theux de Meylandt (1794-1874) born in Sint-Truiden. He had decided, as government chief, in 1836 that every town had to own its meridian dial so that the middle-class could adjust their clocks on the Brussels noon.
The mission was attributed to Adolphe Quételet, director of the Brussels Observatory.

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