Province of : Limburg
City : Bilzen
Address : Sint-Mauritius Church
Postal code : 3740
Year of the sundial : 1745
Author of the sundial : Gilles de Beefe
Photo : Piet Erens (1971)
Type : Horizontal
RICH : see here
Remark :
This sundial (diameter: 26 cm) belongs to the kerkfabriek of the Sint-Mauritius Church in Bilzen. It could be that it comes from the Headcommandery from Alden-Biesen.
"The maker, Gilles de Beefe (1694-1763) was a famous clockmaker from Liège. The Princebishop named him in 1740 ""horloger de son Altesse le Prince"". In 1752 he made the chiming clock of the Saint-Lambert cathedral. He did another one the same year for the Sint-Quintinus Church in Hasselt. He was also the inventor of the clocks that give you at the same time the hours, the minutes, the seconds as well as the day, the month and the Moon phase."
The picture shown here comes from the inventory of the RICH (Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage). Another picture (in higher resolution) will come soon.

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