Province of : Limburg
City : Hoeselt
Address : Crossroads Hardelingen and Panisbergstraat
Postal code : 3730
place : Near the municipality of Werm at 600m west of the Hoeselt-Tongeren road near crossing 123 of the cycle route.
Year of the sundial : 2009
Project leader : Willy Leenders
Author of the sundial : Technical Service of Hoeselt with the lead of Maurice Hex
Photo : Willy Leenders (2009)
Type : Horizontal
Remark :
Computing: Willy Leenders
Text: uitleg op een bordje (explanation on a sign)
Sundial with italic time (time until sunset)
This sundial does not give time. The shadow of a 40 cm high stake gives how long time is remaining before sunset. (On the picture less than 6h - see details).
The time lines frame is drawn on the ground on a 5m x 5m surface. The usage of the sundial begins one hour after sunrise and ends one hour before sunset.
The curved line near the stake is the place where the shadow of the stake is to be seen all day long at the beginning of summer, about Jun, 21. The other curved line is to be used on the beginning of winter, near Dec, 21.
This sundial could be made thanks to the Marnixring Limbourg club which gave in 2006 its three-year money contribution to the cycle routes in Limburg.
This sundial on a rest area (panorama, picnic table, games) along the cycle route brings this price in memory.
The bikers can - through the sundial reading - know how long time remains before dark.
This sundial was the first of this kind in Flanders. A second one has been installed in Diepenbeek.

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