Province of : Limburg
City : 's-Gravenvoeren
Address : Schoolstraat 115
Postal code : 3798
place : Square behind the Townhall
Year of the sundial : 2008
Project leader : An Hasselt architect
Photo : Willy Leenders (2009)
Type : Equatorial
Remark :
The sundial is on a nice and sober base near a group of sculptures that represent solidarity. It is that kind of dial you can find so often in garden markets.
The strip with the figures is made of glossy metal. The shadow can been seen there with precision. The strip with the figures is mounted upside down and the front in the rear. The confirmation of that can be seen in the way the dial is attached to the soccle: it can turn in any direction. It is rather a vane than a sundial.
The city Voeren deserves better.

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