Province of : Limburg
City : Zonhoven
Address : Slangbeekweg 5b
Postal code : 3520
place : Front facade
Photo : Willy Leenders (2009)
Type : Vertical
Remark :
This charming sculpture on the facade looks like a sundial but is actually not. The design of the time lines is just a proportional division of a half circle. The style is fixed on the table and h-hangs uselessly, probably because it would have disturbed the passage.
To be a sundial the design of the time lines, instead of making equal angles with one another, must make computed angles with the next line. Should the wall be facing South then the lines are drawn symmetrically around the 12 hour line. In this case, the wall is not facing South (it has a appriximate 7° declination).

2 pictures for this sundial:

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